This Class Action concerns:

The nature of the Class Action aims mainly to ask the DEFENDANTS for an account and damages according to the following actions and breaches: – Obtaining from the CNESST and this, on behalf of the CLAIMS and MEMBERS OF THE GROUP, of ” excess and unreported indemnities from US companies that have manufactured and sold asbestos-based products and various funds and trusts set up for this purpose for asbestos-related injuries;

Description of the group targeted by the Collective Action:
Any beneficiary, including their successors in title, successors and heirs, who has been compensated under the Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases (CQLR c. A-3.001) for an occupational disease associated with asbestos products and who has been notified since January 1, 2011 by the CNESST that a subrogatory remedy would be or could be undertaken against U.S. funds.

For the following Group:

All living or deceased victims of occupational injuries attributable to pathologies associated with asbestos who have received or are entitled to compensation from the CSST and / or the CNESST for said injuries associated with asbestos.