When a person in Quebec is injured or dies as a result of a criminal act that they did not participate in, their dependents are eligible for compensation from IVAC. Claims must be submitted within two years of the crime. In November 2016, the Minister of Justice issued a directive recognizing parents of children murdered by their former spouse as victims within the meaning of the law. The main criteria is that the act committed by the former spouse directly targeted the other parent.

IVAC compensation may replace a person’s income on the basis of a temporary or permanent disability. It may also cover the cost of social rehabilitation (moving costs, childcare costs, etc.), medical assistance (drugs, treatments, etc.), and professional rehabilitation (job search, workstation accommodations, etc.). IVAC also pays death benefits and other compensation to cover funeral costs, body transportation costs, crime scene cleaning costs, etc.

Important: If you do not agree with an IVAC decision, you have 90 days to contest permanent disability compensation and 30 days to appeal any other decision. If you have questions or concerns, please contact our team.